Interview Special with Tasawar Ulhaq – Episode 5a

Tasawar Ulhaq

The Entrepreneurial Dash Episode 5a – interview special with Tasawar Ulhaq


Tasawar Ulhaq is a tenacious individual. His key strengths are timely delivery of work and holding great customer relationships. He has fantastic business skills coupled with the ability to consult clients, adapting his approach to make it more suitable to their needs. Moreover, he takes the time to understand them on a personal level; listening closely to their problems and tailoring solutions for them accordingly.

Tasawar Ulhaq is very good at building relationships with new clients. He always gets on well with everyone he meets which makes it easy to get on with him too. Tasawar is very good at helping clients get to know about the company, showing them how it works and what its vision is – without being difficult! Tasawar helps new businesses out by supporting them in starting up.

Tasawar Ulhaq is not just one of the best mentors in the UAE, but he has a profound human touch to go along with his amazing depth of knowledge in several areas. If you are someone who’s looking for help growing your business, Tas may have the solution for you because he has done it all before, whether you are an owner of a multinational company or someone at the very beginning stages of getting their business up and running.

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He tends to clients both large and small to suit their needs, helping them get ahead of where they are currently at business-wise while also providing guidance on how to approach various situations.

Tasawar Ulhaq is joined by Shailesh Dash in this special interview episode detailing the innovative Freezone that is capable of aiding just about any business in its mission to succeed, KIKLABB’s unique Economic Zone.

The two discuss not only how beneficial the Zone is for small businesses but just how it’s going to be a benefit going forward so you can really get a glimpse of how helpful this particular free zone will be to your individual company! Grab a drink and settle in for a discussion of what might otherwise remain out of reach had this unique facility not been built right here on the iconic Queen Elizabeth 2.

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