Stock Markets Pt 2 – Episode 25

The Entrepreneurial Dash Episode 25 - Stock Markets Pt 2

The Entrepreneurial Dash Episode 25 – Stock Markets Pt 2


Many of us get a monthly paycheck from our jobs, but there are some who get paid more from their side hustles. This is a good thing because our jobs and salaries are necessary for any financial stability, but it isn’t all we should rely on to have peace of mind or feel more secure about our futures. As a result, many companies, banks, and other financial institutions encourage investment stock markets where some of your money can be invested in exchange for a better return in the future!

Some of the more common forms of investments encouraged in various financial institutions, banks, for example, are stock markets which relate to other investment tools like stock strategies. These types of investments can be expected to increase in the long term and usually involve funds that are somewhat interconnected with one another.

Long-term investment should include an asset that you keep in your portfolio for a year or longer. You will not want to sell this asset anytime soon as the longer you wait the greater your returns will likely be. Make sure you’re adhering to a long-term investment strategy and not making short-term trades because you’ll want to build value over time and ride out the waves of fluctuation so as not to panic and sell out when things get tough or uncertain.

Long-term investments are long-term monetary decisions that span slightly longer than one year. We understand the amount of time doesn’t work for everyone, but you’ll be surprised at just how far your money will go into the future if you choose long-term investments over short-term ones. When it comes to making sound financial decisions, they really need to be considered carefully because they’re often designed to pay off years later.

One of the biggest reasons to make a long-term investment is it allows for you to earn regular returns which often entail excellent incomes. This will help your income look better on paper and contribute towards meeting some of your financial milestones although that’s not always the case.

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Episode 24 – Stock Markets Pt 1

It’s time for another episode of our series on Stock Market! In this video, we will go over your questions and also tell you more about why long-term investment is a wise idea in the stock market.

While talking in the first part of this topic, the focus was very much on why staying in the game for the long term is often an excellent choice. Shailesh added to this concept by saying that “one simple approach someone should take to build wealth is adopting consistency when it comes to their investments.”

As Shailesh explains, long-term investment is actually not as difficult as people make it sound, mainly due to the fact that it’s an excellent way for your money to grow. Later, he also mentions how once you’ve adopted this approach (and which most successful investors do), then taking care of your wealth will be like second nature. As you continue to invest more and more, you’ll reach a point where maintaining your assets won’t seem like work at all!

Today we will take a look at various investment options and dig into some of the other strategies that have enforced Shailesh’s successes over the years and maybe good for you to follow.

When it comes to investing in the stock market, you want to make sure that you don’t try to go at it alone. But it can be difficult for novice investors who are just getting started – but luckily we’ve taken the time to outline a very helpful step-by-step guide when it comes down to how all of this actually works. If you are currently invested in the stock market, this episode could prove to be very valuable for you. Check out our previous episode on that very topic!

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