Simple Rules of Investments – Episode 22

The Entrepreneurial Dash Episode 22 - Simple Rules of Investments

The Entrepreneurial Dash Episode 22 – Simple Rules of Investments


According to the dictionary, an investment is “the purchase of an asset, such as a stock or a bond, with the expectation of a future payout, such as interest or dividends.” A person decides to invest their money in something that has the potential to have more of it over time. This something could be a business, or a piece of property, or even some type of Share.

The money invested is then used to help that business or country or individual to grow and thus generate a future financial return. In essence, investing is a way for a person to help a business, a company, a government, a country, a real estate, a coin collection, a business, gold or silver coin, or anything else to grow and become profitable.

Investing is an art that is practiced by many, but mastered by few. The reason for this is that the world of investing is not very straightforward. It involves studying the market, interpreting information, and then making financial decisions that will lead to profit.

However, the path to profit isn’t always clear. It takes a lot of study and patience to get to the point where you can make decisions based on your own knowledge and not the advice of others.

The idea of investing your hard-earned money to make more money is a hard concept to grasp and one that scares a lot of people off. That’s because investing is a lot like gambling, and let’s face it, gambling is pretty scary. For those of us who don’t like to gamble, investing can seem like a fruitless way to spend your money.

The good news is that investing isn’t as scary as it sounds and it doesn’t have to be a gamble. The first thing you have to do is understand what investing is all about, and to do that, you have to break it down into its most basic parts so you can see the big picture.

The basic idea behind investing is pretty simple: you take a sum of money and you use that money to buy something that will grow in value over time.

In other words, you have to have faith that whatever you buy now will go up in price and that the price will be higher than what you paid for it. If it goes up, you sell. If it goes down, you hold. This is a simple idea, but it can be a big gamble if you’re not careful.

If you want to become a successful investor, you need to be able to quickly evaluate opportunities. But even though you’ve got a great idea, you can’t just go and invest in it without doing your research. You’ll need to evaluate it from a number of different angles before deciding if you want to invest in it or not… This is why you need to follow a set of simple rules of investments.

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In this episode, we focus on some of the more foundational aspects of investments. We go over what’s important and offer practical advice that will help you understand and be able to follow through with investing wisely!

You can expect Shailesh to offer you some very valuable investment tips that may be of interest to you such as his primary principle which is that of continuous and disciplined investments. Shailesh’s investment tips are likely to have a long-lasting impact, for example, his principle “It’s much easier to spend at the beginning than when you’re cash-strapped.”

Shailesh can show you how to consolidate your money and invest it in such a way that you don’t lose out on the crucial things in life.

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