Self Love – Episode 20

Self Love

The Entrepreneurial Dash Episode 20 – Self Love


The word self-love is something that is often associated with a single person. But in reality, it really means a lot more. It means loving yourself unconditionally and to believe in yourself. It means to be independent and not caring about what other people think. It means to take care of yourself and not care about other people.

When you truly love yourself you will do things that will benefit you and not hurt you. You will do things that will benefit your happiness and self-confidence. You will not care about what other people think. What other people think is not important because you truly love yourself. If you want to truly love yourself and improve your life you have to do things that will benefit you and not hurt you.

I have seen a lot of people going through a lot of things in life. Some people are in bad relationships, some people are in bad jobs, some people are in bad health. Some people are in bad moods. I have seen many people in these situations, and I have seen almost all of them go through times when they don’t care about themselves.

I have seen them go through times in their lives when they don’t want to do things for themselves because in their minds they don’t deserve it. I have seen people go through times in their lives when they feel like the world would be better off without them.

Self-love is just as important as finding love with another person. When you love yourself, everything in your life is easier. You do better in school, you get better jobs, you make more friends, you’re more confident, you’re happier, and you’re healthier. When you don’t love yourself, you make bad decisions. You get involved with the wrong person, you get addicted to drugs or alcohol, you get into trouble, and you end up lonely.

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Self-love is an amazing thing. It doesn’t matter where you are in life, what you look like, who you are, or what you have done, you can always love yourself. I’ve seen so many people who are so torn down, so negative, so angry, so upset, so depressed, so stressed, so anxious, so confused, so lost, so alone, so hurt, so scared, so fragile, so imperfect, so broken, so numb, so trapped, just so lost.

We all have our down days, I’m not saying that you should be happy every second of every day. I am just saying that you should love yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I love you.” It sounds silly, but if you do it every day, it will start to sink in. You can’t love someone else if you don’t love yourself. We are all human, we are all flawed, we are all perfectly imperfect.

Listen to this empowering episode about how important it is to learn to love yourself for who you are – because even though you’ll make mistakes in life, it’s still crucial that no one will take away your ability to be happy! It’s very important for people to understand this.

Self Love is as important as any other love in your life. We all love those near and dear to us. But how often do we love ourselves? If you don’t love yourself, how can you love someone else? Today’s episode is a must-listen episode for all! Shailesh has discussed the importance of self-love and tips to improve our ability to love ourselves.

If we can learn to love ourselves then we will automatically love others and the world around us. We will see the beauty and love in others and treat them with respect. If we can love ourselves we will love the world around us and we will love our life itself. Love and happiness are what we all strive for and this is how we all can achieve them.

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