Interview Special with Lynnette Sacchetto Director – Episode 30

Lynnette Sacchetto

Lynnette SacchettoThe Entrepreneurial Dash – Episode 30 – Interview Special with Lynnette Sacchetto Director – Research and Data at Property Finder Riccardo Scala Director – The Private Client Office


Lynnette Sacchetto is an experienced executive in the real estate industry with a passion for all things tech. Lynnette started her career in the real estate technology sector, then honed her skills for over two decades.

She acquired a variety of experience and skills involving property management systems, leasing modules and marketing activities with a wide range of clients over time, leading to a vast array of invaluable expertise in the area!

Lynnette Sachetto applies her extensive experience in technology and real estate to come up with unique insights by analyzing trends in data. She’s an advocate of utilizing technology toward the betterment of business performance, which means she studies data trends and offers suggestions on how businesses can take advantage of this information.

She’s trusted by prominent banks, real estate developers, institutional investors, consultants, and governments to offer her expert advice on matters relating to strategy when it comes to using technology.


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Shailesh Dash in conversation with Lynnette Sacchetto – Director of Research & Data for the Property Finder Group & Riccardo Scala – Director of The Private Client Office – Luxury Sales & Leasing. discusses the need for luxury real estate marketing in UAE, and why understanding the trends that grip the industry is vital to creating and implementing effective real estate marketing tactics that will continue to help you sell properties at desirable prices.

From supply-crunch to rent stabilization and micro-markets, real estate gurus have the inside scoop on the happenings of the real estate world for your listening pleasure! They discuss everything during this episode, including how Dubai’s influence on the global economy has grown to encompass huge events like expos that draw major buyers into cities that are known to be hubs for international trade.

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