Early Adult Life – Episode 4

Early Adult Life

The Entrepreneurial Dash EP4 – Early Adult Life


The life of an Entrepreneur is never an easy road. The journey is full of challenges, twists, and turns that require you to be on your feet all the time. It is not something you can plan for. Entrepreneurship is an amalgamation of experience, knowledge, passion, and sheers hard work.

While it is an amazing journey, it is not without its share of problems. Entrepreneurship does not come with a guidebook. You are on your own, and you have to make your own rules in life. It’s like flying blind. But if you are passionate about your startup, you will make it work. Just keep these things in mind.

We often think of journeys as being long and difficult, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, journeys are short and sweet. This is certainly the case with entrepreneurs. While an entrepreneur may start out with a long journey, the entrepreneurial journey might be short-lived. After all, some entrepreneurs are more ambitious than others.

For instance, some business owners are happy with the profits they make on the side of their day job, while others are willing to risk everything to turn their business into their only job. There are entrepreneurs who are happy with their day job but are willing to go the extra mile to see how far they can take their business.

Whether their business is on the side or is their only job, entrepreneurs are always thinking of ways to improve their business. They are always working to make sure that their business is competitive, even if they are the only business in their industry.

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Shailesh Dash talks about his early life experiences moving into the ‘real world’ of business and we’re sure that you as an entrepreneur can relate! He explains how as a young man he was not at first prepared to make some big decisions for the path ahead, but after tripping up a few times he actually gained more insights about doing business and started making better choices.

The success in life you will achieve as an entrepreneur may seem out of reach now but it’s worth taking note that no matter what your experience level or background is, it’s possible for anyone to overcome the odds and keep going even when things get rough!

He talks about the first big decisions he had to make as a young entrepreneur. He urges listeners to trust themselves and those around them as they’re about to embark on something huge. It’s best not to overthink it right from the beginning because every step you take accounts for each decision you’ve made so far, so pause and assess – but once you jump start your plan remember why you started in the first place – and your intentions will follow suit.

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