Interview with Julie Nguyen – Episode 7a

Julie Nguyen

The Entrepreneurial Dash Episode 7a – Interview Special with Julie Nguyen, founder of Crunchmoms


Julie is an entrepreneur and innovation & marketing leader who wants to make a difference in the world by helping other women make their mark. She’s currently working on Crunchmoms, something she’s very excited about!

With her expertise in both innovation & marketing, Julie knows that there are many challenges mothers face when returning to work. Crunchmoms is an online platform that gives these moms more information about crunching while balancing motherhood.

A lot of women join networks to make new connections and meet other women in similar situations. They become a support network for one another while growing professionally and personally. Now, there’s a new way for moms to connect with each other while building a platform for specialized discussions about enhancing one’s career trajectory while raising a family.

It’s a web-based community where women can post topics centered on many different aspects of being a working mother – from job searching to negotiating salary or understanding the difference between being at home and being out of the office on maternity leave.

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Crunchmoms is a community that helps moms network online. Tracking professional growth with the support of other women can help boost an individual’s confidence throughout his/her career, so Crunchmoms has created an environment where working moms can share their knowledge about careers to help others succeed in their own business ventures.

In this interview with Julie Nguyen founder of Crunchmoms, Dubai-based Julie Nguyen discusses her own entrepreneurial accomplishments as well as providing advice for aspiring women entrepreneurs.

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