International Work Experience – Episode 5

International Work Experience

The Entrepreneurial Dash  EP5  – International Work Experience


Moving away from home to fulfill a dream and getting International Work Experience is a tough decision. It is a decision that can be made and one that can be better understood by knowing the possible impact it can have on the life of the person who is moving away from home.

The life of a person who is moving away from home is not very easy. It is very difficult for the person to adjust with the new life that he or she is living away from home. The person who is moving away from home may have to face so many difficulties and tensions.

When it comes to getting an International Work Experience, moving away from home to fulfill your career dreams is one of the most crucial steps that you can take. However, the decision to go away from home is not always an easy one, nor is it always taken lightly.

This is because it involves the sacrifice of leaving the comfort of your family and friends, as well as the familiar surroundings of your house.

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Shailesh Dash had a realization that he would need to leave his home country of India if he was going to fulfill his career aspirations. He talks about how difficult it can be to move away from your personal hometown and the impact living in a different surrounding or city might have on one’s life.

However, Shailesh stresses how this decision ended up being positive and made him realize that he wanted success and fulfillment more than anything else!

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