Interview with Hans Henrik Christensen – Episode 28

Hans Henrik Christensen

Episode 28 – Interview with Hans Henrik Christensen, VP, Dtec


Interview with Hans Henrik Christensen

In this special selection of our ‘interview’ series, We’re delighted to have had the chance today to talk to Hans Henrik Christensen, Vice President of Dtec, Dubai, one of the most innovative technology hubs.

As Vice President of Dtec, Hans works with entrepreneurs in the UAE to help them launch their own businesses in the area. By providing companies guidance and support in each phase of the entrepreneurial process, Hans works his way towards supporting these businesses as any other VC would.

The main objective of this entity is to create a sustainable ecosystem that drives technology innovation across the region. Overall, Hans is working to impact change by helping entrepreneurs get to where they dream of being one day themselves!

Hans Henrik Christensen is the President of Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA) and an industry executive with exceptional leadership skills.

He has over 20 years of international operational expertise—along with a proven talent for forging strong relationships with other senior leaders, enabling him to lead diverse organizations that connect individuals across numerous industries.

In this episode, Shailesh Dash and executive producer Phil Blizzard go over the various essential services and facilities that Dtec provides to help up and coming tech entrepreneurs succeed in today’s global economy.

Hans takes an in-depth, fascinating look at accelerators and how they can be great tools for entrepreneurs to utilize with their businesses. He also mentions the importance of incubators and other kinds of business programs that can supply startups with backings or the finances needed to kickstart their companies.

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About Dtec.


Hans Henrik Christensen

Dtec is a creative workspace with a strong entrepreneurial focus that provides everything entrepreneurs need to start a new business in Dubai. We have created a creative and vibrant co-working environment conducive to creative thought and hard work.

The stellar service we provide includes company formation services in UAE, as well as events for entrepreneurs to meet with other creative ventures, as well as help from advisors on related topics who all share the same vision of creating a strong tight-knit entrepreneurial community in Dubai.

Dtec is an initiative of the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority. It’s designed to uniquely accommodate the needs of entrepreneurs in Dubai.

Through 100% ownership of businesses, visa processing within 24 hours, along creative meeting spaces and ultra-fast internet connections, Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority gives entrepreneurs the services they need to quickly get their business started.

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