Interview with FIVE Communications – Episode 16 A

Entrepreneurship – Rewards and Pitfalls

The Entrepreneurial Dash Episode 16a – Interview Special with FIVE Communications


FIVE Communications has a reputation for serving prestigious clients from the worlds of luxury cars, yachts, and hotels – Mercedes Benz, Ritz Carlton, Emaar to name just a few.

The relationship manager dynamic has evolved over the past few years, especially within the context of how they interact with clients like entrepreneurs and start-ups. This episode features Shailesh Dash and Phil Blizzard who speak to three young relationship managers about the importance of working as a team, how they view the ever-changing world of creating branding and marketing, especially in terms of another text regarding “entrepreneurs” (if one were to take out country-specific information regarding particular branch or subsidiary for customer instances).

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In addition to the chance to learn from the most successful entrepreneur, they also had a chance to put questions forward on various experiences that have been both positive and negative, from being bootstrapped or funded, hiring or firing – whatever they choose!

For insightful answers and viewpoints, tune in to the Panel Discussion featuring Yana Balci, Mona Kalo, and Miriam Lawrence from FIVE Communications as they discuss some of the more complex problems facing young executives.

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