MBA & Internship Experiences – Episode 3

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The Entrepreneurial Dash EP3 – MBA & Internship Experiences


The importance of an MBA in today’s highly competitive scenario has been increasing day by day. This is the reason that the government, industry, and educational institutions have been encouraging students to attain higher education. Moreover, the importance of the MBA has also been attributed to the increasing need for job opportunities, changing business trends, technological advancement, and globalization.

When it comes to the importance of the MBA, there are three important points to remember. Business schools have been playing a pivotal role in bringing about revolutionary changes in the sector of management education. The MBA is one of the most sought-after postgraduate degree programs in the world, and the number of people taking up the course is increasing day by day. However, not everyone who applies to business schools is accepted.

Internships are a valuable experience for students. They give students a chance to explore a career before committing to a major and a chance to experience a workplace before starting a career. Some students do an internship to gain valuable work experience to help them get a job after graduation. Others use an internship to explore a new career.

And still, others use an internship to learn what they do not want to do after graduation or for the rest of their lives. In an internship, a student learns valuable skills that he or she may not learn in college. For example, he or she might learn how to interact with the public, how to work with others, how to be responsible for his or her own work or how to meet deadlines.

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Master entrepreneur Shailesh Dash talks about how his work experiences altered his perceptions of business. Specifically, he cites the merit of listening to customers and other personnel in an effective manner – making time to carefully discern ideas given by the people within your employees while also setting aside additional time that allows you to realize when someone isn’t just giving lip service but wants to genuinely work with you towards a common goal.

Studies show that leaders who ensure exactly this – while also maintaining their long-term objectives – achieve more positive corporate results than peers who fail to do so

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