Equity Investments Made Easy – Episode 26


The Entrepreneurial Dash Episode 26 – Equity Investments Made Easy


Investing in stocks is a popular way to grow your money. But depending on what you need the money for, how much income you currently make, and when you would like to access it, there are a variety of other options to consider as well. For example, if you’re looking for more predictability in your investments, you might choose something like bonds over stocks, as bonds will pay some interest as long as they stay intact.

You can also opt to put money into savings accounts or real estate investment services, both of which involve different levels of risk and return on investment.

Throughout the history of today’s investments, one of the topmost efficient ways to invest in stocks and make profits has been through publicly held companies that are listed on stock markets. Decades ago many people didn’t have any knowledge or understanding of how it all worked, but they still saw great potential in the rising value of stocks if not some other aspect.

Nowadays fewer people understand what stocks are – even those who do know things about investing in them. There are many reasons why investors fail to fully grasp stocks, but perhaps the biggest hurdle is how seemingly random the movement is of fluctuating stock prices overtime on both a minute-by-minute basis as well as on an annual basis. Something will always be changing with companies on some level every day!

Although researching the right stocks for a portfolio may be a time-honored strategy, a more realistic approach would certainly involve a three-dimensional matrix involving long-standing concerns about diversification based on asset classes, as well as diversification within those classes.

A portfolio designed with this 3rd dimension is likely to be appropriate regardless of market fluctuations and therefore present less stress for having to monitor it as though it were an investment in the stock market. There’s an obvious trade-off – i.e. The greater number of categories of assets included in the portfolio, the more precise its long-term returns will be but the lower its rate of return will be all else being equal.

There are a lot of factors in buying stocks. It can be a risky move thinking about the fact that it would mean you wouldn’t have immediate access to your money if you ever needed it in a bad situation. This is why gaining knowledge in this area is key when making your decisions.

Being confident in what you’re investing in can help you grow your wealth, but research has also shown that advisors thinking they know what’s right for investors, may not always bring positive results when they attempt to steer certain trends in the market that don’t appear to be going the way they were originally intending them to.


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If you’re in search of ways in which to supplement your income, this is the episode for you! It will guide you in making safe investments in order to optimize your profits.

Shailesh Dash believes that side hustles can be made through investments of your time and money into companies, industries, or economies of your choosing. Started-up companies or startups, for example, can be bought or invested in.

In this episode, Shailesh will make the case for not overdoing it when it comes to financial knowledge pertaining to investing. Instead, he will go into some interesting stories or events that will be instrumental in helping illustrate his point that saving money is just as important as making more of it. Shailesh’s advice boils down to his belief that you can get rich without becoming paranoid about your money because, at the end of the day, there are only so many things you can control!

This episode will be available on Friday 3rd August on all good podcast channels and comes to you from www.Freelance2freedom.co

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