My Interaction with Astrology Pt1 – Episode 15


The Entrepreneurial Dash Ep15: My Interaction with Astrology Pt1


The word astrology comes from the Latin and Greek words Astron and logos and refers to the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies and the interpretation of events in the light of their influence. The terminology used in the field, such as horoscope, star chart, natal chart, etc., are all derived from Latin.

But what is Astrology? It is the study of the universe and its influences on individuals, their personalities, and events in their lives. It is based on the premise that the universe has an influence on the destiny of mankind. It is believed that the position of the sun, moon, and planets at the time of one’s birth profoundly influence one’s personality, aptitudes, relationships, and future.

It is considered as one of the age-old and ancient subjects which were practiced and handled by sages and seers. Astrologists use astrology to predict a person’s personality based on the alignment of the sun, moon, planets, and stars in a moment in time. As astrology is derived from mathematical calculations of celestial bodies, astrologists predict what will happen by charting relationships between objects in space at a given moment in time.

It is an ancient science that seeks to describe the patterns of our lives through zodiac signs instead of numbers. Astrology predictions can help an individual know what kinds of occurrences they might encounter in the future, both positive and negative. The authenticity of astrology readings depends on whether or not there are genuinely talented astrologers who accurately study horoscopes in order to understand patterns within moments, timespans, cycles, and trends.

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This episode is quite distinct from the rest, in terms of the subject matter, but it’s still as helpful and insightful as any of our shows. Shailesh Dash will explain why he became interested in ancient predictive methods and how they can ultimately help you begin your day on the right foot.

In this episode, Shailesh discusses some of the most fundamental principles in astrology to make this complex subject a little easier to understand and ultimately put into practice in one’s life.

As Shailesh says, “Astrology is a beautiful art and science that can be beneficial for mankind. However, you have to put in the necessary work to learn it properly and gain experience with it.”


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