Interview Assia Riccio – Episode 8a

Interview Assia Riccio

The Entrepreneurial Dash Episode 8a – Interview Special with Assia Riccio, founder Evolvin’ Women


In the hospitality industry, women have a difficult time finding the professional help they need to help them hone their skills and hopefully get a full-time job. Assia Riccio has decided that she is going to create a platform that will connect women working in hospitality or wanting to get into the industry with professionals within this field. She is having trouble securing funding for this start-up venture but hopes to keep pushing onward towards her dreams even if it means leading from behind.

Assia Riccio is the Founder of Evolvin’ Women, a social organizer that focuses on women’s rights within society. She’s passionate about social issues and aims to use her business acumen to help tackle the issue of gender disparity in business by implementing initiatives that are both forward-thinking, innovative, and sustainable. 

Assia Riccio believes that by helping organizations achieve a greater level of diversity through these socially responsible projects, companies will be able to take advantage of increased creativity within their teams, significantly improved levels of innovation and productivity, reduced possibilities for bias-based decision making, higher employee morale and retention rates at all levels.

Assia Riccio has served as a leader in the movement to empower women in the Middle East. She was invited to join the UAE Steering Committee for 7 UN WePs (Women’s Empowerment Principles) and she helped make Dubai one of the first cities in the Middle East to become part of the United Nation Global Compact with her enterprise “Evolving Women” becoming one of their first member micro-enterprises. She is frequently invited to speak at international conferences, including TEDx and The Investing in The Future, Middle East & North Africa Conference held in partnership with UNHCR, UNICEF, UNDP, and The League of Arab States.

Assia has been recognized as one of the GCC’s Women Leaders in 2017 and was awarded the Women in Leadership Award by CMO ASIA. As an award-winning Communications Specialist, she has also received Super Achiever Awards at World HRD Congress 2018. 

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In this interview special, Shailesh Dash talks to Assia Riccio, founder of the Dubai-based social enterprise, Evolvin’ Women. This entrepreneur helps organizations in the UAE achieve a greater level of ‘diversity and inclusion through socially responsible initiatives.

To talk about her journey as an entrepreneur, Assia starts from the beginning with how Evolvin’ Women was conceived and continues throughout to now where they are assisting women in Africa by promoting employment opportunities for various women in the UAE.

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